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Palm Wax Sourcing Story.

Palm related products (palm sugar, palm oil, palm wax ect…) have been huge news over the past couple of years. Deforestation… killing of Orangutans and other animals etc…  and I agree with many when I say that these acts of brutality need to stop!

At Elfhame we hand pour our figured candles, these candles are made from palm wax, I know what you are thinking! Let me explain…

Our palm wax is sourced from plantations in South America, I have made personal contact and order direct from their processing plant ensuring that the wax does not come from Asia where deforestation and the killing of animals and Orangutans occurs.

In South America 79% of palm plantations have replaced already existing pastures and croplands. These plantations are a sustainable source and have not been established via deforestation.

But still... why use palm wax??? We have chosen to use palm wax as an attempt to strengthen the market share of these sustainable palm plantations with the hope that this will force the nasty plantations in Asia to rethink their policies and procedures toward deforestation and the killing of all animals.     

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