Zip-Lock Bag Sourcing Story.

Zip-Lock Bag Sourcing Story.

It is a known fact that plastics have become a huge problem, especially for our oceans and marine life. It’s estimated that over eight million tons of plastic finds its way to our coast lines and oceans every year. It may also trouble you to know that we package our herbs and resins in plastic zip-lock bags…. but let me explain!

We source our plastic zip-lock bags from an amazing recycling company in New Zealand who works at extracting plastics from the ocean and coastlines, recycling and turning it into something that can be used again. We have chosen to use this company for our product packaging for the simple fact that Elfhame supports companies who are fighting to reduce the amount of plastics killing and harming our marine life and oceans. If one company can fight the plastic war, why not others! By supporting companies who are working toward positive environmental changes we are establishing a cleanse future for everyone.

We are happy to say that all our packaging is making a difference in some way... from recycled glass jars to our 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic zip-lock bags. Always remember to witch-responsibly! 


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