Amanita & Mandragora


When thinking about Fly Agaric, the image of the fay and the sabbatic flight and spirit vessel's come to mind.  Amanita has long been associated with the history of the witch, with folklore telling us "where Amanita grows... witches are not far away".

To the Germanic people, this mushroom is associated with luck, in the same scenes as a four leaf clover. Fly Agaric has and still is used today for it's entheogenic qualities.

Please note: This mushroom is poisonous, and only sold to be used as a spirit vessel to commune with the spirits and fay-folk. DO NOT take this internally. These mushrooms are also harvested once a year, so stock is very limited.

Mandragora Root

Mandragora officinarum is a magickal herb that has been associated with witchcraft throughout history. Often confused with American Mandrake, these European Mandrake roots (true Mandrake) will aid their owner as a familiar and much more.... 

Please note: Each piece of Mandrake Root is a one off piece. Due to the rarity and slow growing, Mandrake may not always be available for purchase.