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Zoom Azazel Ritual Oil (Poisoner’s Apothecary)

Azazel Ritual Oil (Poisoner’s Apothecary)

$39.95 AUD
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Azazel Ritual Oil

This oil has been created by Coby Michael from Poisoners Apothecary.  

Azazel is a spirit associated magick, rebellion, forbidden knowledge and witchcraft. Azazel was a fallen angel, one of the Watchers, mentioned in the Book of Enoch. Azazel and Shemyaza were associated with the fall of the Watcher angels, and Azazel was blamed for this for disseminating forbidden knowledge. As a desert spirit, they are associated with the scapegoat of the Jewish Day of Atonement. Azazel, the scapegoat was used as a vessel to contain all of the sins of the people and was driven into the desert as a sacrifice. (Leviticus 16). Azazel is specifically blamed for the knowledge of teaching humans how to build weapons of war. They are also linked to other “wicked” arts such as the use of cosmetics, jewellery making and dye-making. Wearing colourful clothes was a sign of wickedness in the Old Testament. Azazel is also connected to the colourful “Peacock Angel” of the Yezidi people, a spirit of Luciferian gnosis. Azazel has shared many secrets with humankind and evaded the punishment of the tyrant God.

Azazel is a spirit of Air and confers knowledge of all kinds. In witchcraft, Azazel is associated with Saturn/Capricorn/The Horned God. The seal of the intelligence of Saturn, a planet intimately associated with witchcraft, is also the seal of Azazel. A patron spirit of occult knowledge and Promethean rebellion, Azazel is a willing ally for occult pursuits. Azazel is a flamboyant and ostentatious spirit, representing the fabulousness that mainstream society scoffs at.

Work with Azazel to connect with the Horned God, and other patrons of the magickal artes.

Mandrake, blue tansy, vetiver, valerian and other ingredients.

Azazel Ritual Oil (Poisoner’s Apothecary)

$39.95 AUD


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