Witchcraft Mentorships

Witchcraft Mentorships.

Our witchcraft mentorships are offered on an ongoing to those just embarking on their path into the world of witchcraft and mystery. Beginning with an in-depth consultation, each mentorship is customised to the individual, their learning style and magickal tradition.
Once the consultation has been completed, an individualised training plan will be developed creating a timeline for the delivery of course content.
All mentorships are designed to be delivered as one on one, however this can be adjusted for small groups (max 3 people) if required.
Due to the style of mentorship unfortunately not all who apply will be successful. This is determined by readiness of both parties and mentorship position availability.  


Student requirements:

There are no pre-requisites for undergoing our mentorships, however each student will need to ensure they have the available time to attend classes, workshops and to their complete homework.

Cost of Mentorship:

During the consultation we will find out the frequency and timeframe desired by the student. Once this is known a quote will be provided.
***For further information please contact us or send us an email to admin@elfhame.com.au

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