Tarot Readings & Divination

 We are currently offering a range of divinatory readings in person & over the phone. You can book online via the link below.


 Tarot Readings & Divination Prices
$60.00 for 30 minutes 
 $95.00 for 60 minutes


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Our Tarot & Divination Readers:

James (Tarot Reader).

Tarot Reading & Divination

My life has been one of Magick, raised Pagan & being blessed to have encountered a number of great teachers in my youth I have always held a deep & intrinsic bond to the Earth & the Old Ways, the Seasons of Nature and of Life, Ritual & Ceremony.. 
I began reading Tarot at the age of 4 & by 8 was reading professionally for others with the same cards I use to this day using my own spread developed in my teens called 'The World Tree'.
Over my life my practice has evolved & grown with me, coming together to form the offering I now share to all who seek. To act as a mirror, a Guide, a Custodian of Knowledge; here to share & to inspire those who I encounter to seek within themselves their own unique Magick, their own greatest potential and Divine Connection.
The Tarot sessions I offer are not the usual style, I do not deal in absolute 'futures or predictions' but rather prefer to give guidance on current life events and situations with the future being seen potential as outcomes that allow the recipient to decide for themselves the future.
Whilst I offer various styles of layout according to the client's needs such as direct question/answer or focus, my preferred style is the one I call the World Tree spread. 
This style of reading reveals all that is occurring on the three plains of existence (the physical, the Underworld/Inner world & the Spirit realm. Furthermore, it shows how all we are experiencing both externally & internally is related to bring us ever closer to our true purpose.