Darkness of the Moon Ritual Oil

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Darkness of the Moon Ritual Oil

Size: 10ml

An oil brewed upon the grave, skyclad under the darkness of the night’s sky. Our darkness of the Moon oil has been brewed to be used when you are hidden from the light of the moon. On the night of the dark moon this oil will aid the witch with sinister workings. Spirit conjure and communication, ecstatic divination, and blasting (cursing).

This oil has been brewed skyclad upon a grave. Wormwood, spikenard, black poppy, and graveyard dirt are among some of the ingredients used.

The base of this ritual oil is an organic olive oil, hand pressed by the Elfhame witches. Essential oil free, each ingredient has been carefully selected, steeped and brewed making it safe to apply to your ritual tools, candles and skin.


Caution: This oil contains safe amounts of Yew, if you are undergoing any medical treatment, take medication or pregnant/ breast feeding then you are contraindicated for this oil and must NOT use it!

(If you have allergies please contact us for a full ingredient list before use).

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