Alligator Tooth (Louisiana)

Each packet contains 1 tooth, please remember that each tooth will vary in colour, size and shape. 

Louisianan Alligators, Crocodiles and Caimans have had a long association with southern rootwork and conjure, with folklore being traced back to Africa. In southern conjure there is a powerful shape-shifting ancestral spirit known as Uncle Monday. Uncle Monday is said to have been a medicine man who escaped the salve trade in South Carolina and went to Florida. Here in Florida Uncle Monday came across the Seminoles (Native Americans) where he was able to share his knowledge and magick of African Crocodiles and he was able to learn the Seminoles folklore and magick of the American Alligator.

With great significance to the Native Americans and African cultures, Hoodoo revolves around worship and working with water spirits such as Papa Gator and Uncle Monday. The alligator carries the essence of rootwork and are known as the keepers of ancient wisdom.

All parts of the alligator are utilised from the meat, skin, dried heads, claws and even the teeth. A small alligator foot is used as a powerful protection charm and has the ability to draw luck (especially for gamblers). To protect your money, you can wrap-up a piece of pyrite and an alligators foot in green material and wear it around your neck. You can use the same method when trying to boost fertility. Simply place an Adam and Eve’s root in the palm of the alligator’s claw and wrap it up with red string.    

The head of the Alligator are used as protection (especially when the mouth is open) because of is territorial nature. Place the head in an area such as door ways to protect from bad ju ju. Many believe that the spirit of the alligator resides in the head, the head is also known as the gad. You can place the head over an offering bowl so he or she can protect your money.



Please Note: Due of over harvesting of alligators in America, in 1962 the alligator hunting season was closed. These days alligators are protected, with their hunting and harvesting controlled by strict laws and licensing. With CITES controlling the import and export of all alligator products and by-products. These alligator heads have been sourced from government licensed alligator farms and have been exported and imported through the correct declarations and licensing’s to ensure the sustainable growth of the alligator population.     

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