Devils Shoestring Charm #2

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Common name: Devils Shoestring

Botanical name: Viburnum alnifolium

Cultivation: Wild Harvested by a Hoodoo practitioner 

Origin: North America 

Size: Roughly 18cm Height and 10cm Wide


Devils shoestring! Roughly taking me a year to source ethically, Devils Shoestring is widely used for protection and luck. Carried as a charm or hung by a doorway, Devils shoestring will protect you and the home by “tripping up the Devil”. For luck tie 9 strings together with some white thread. Wrap the white thread around the 9 strings, each time you wrap around the strings tie a knot in the thread so you end up with 9 knots. Place the bundle into some whiskey and let it steep for 9 days and 9 nights. After that when you are needing some luck simply run some of the whiskey onto yourself, Ritual tools or sprinkle around your working space.


(Due to the rarity of Devils Shoestring, stock is limited and may not always be available).



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