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Zoom The Devil's Door Ritual Oil (Poisoner’s Apothecary)

The Devil's Door Ritual Oil (Poisoner’s Apothecary)

$39.95 AUD
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The Devil's Door Ritual Oil

This oil has been created by Coby Michael from Poisoners Apothecary. 

A formula of dark and diabolical ingredients according to folk lore, using the imagery and authority of the folkloric devil and his associated herbs. Contains blackthorn root, devil’s club, devil’s claw, devil’s trumpet (datura) and devil’s cherry (deadly nightshade). Each of these herbs is added in a small and safe amount, mixed on a Saturday while calling upon this chthonic influence.

The devil’s door is comprised of powerful liminal herbs, gatekeeps, and boundary guardians. It can be used in ritual to open portals or doorways to the spirit world for gaining access to occult forces, summoning spirits, or traveling through in spirit yourself. It also works in the opposite way, the constricting saturnian influence of the ingredients can be used to close doorways and seal portals once opened. This can also be employed in the situation of unwanted portals in the home, or other “human” places. As a boundary marker this formula offers powerful protection, dispelling unwanted attention.

The Devil's Door Ritual Oil (Poisoner’s Apothecary)

$39.95 AUD


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