Established in 2010, Elfhame is one of Australia's largest witchcraft stores. Offering hand-made items & supplies to empower your craft.

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Welcome to Elfhame.

First Established in 2010, Elfhame has become one of Australia's leading Witchcraft Stores, offering supplies, guidance and aid to the magickal community where possible.

Our story begins in the forest around dusk. We had gathered for Beltane, not too far from where our store resides now. The smell of wine and cakes mixed with the green of the leaves and the dampness of the ground, our laughter echos through the air. Some time after the ritual, our conversation around witchcraft started to change. It took focus and a dream sparked alive. The idea of creating a business, where the practice of witchcraft and folk magick meet, while promoting our integrity and respect for the environment. All without compromising our standard and quality of products.

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Spell-work & Consultations.

Spell-work can be performed for almost any situation. Manifesting energies to achieve financial stability, warding & protection, cleansing & banishing to even to remove obstacles from ones path.

Divination & Tarot Readings.

Divination is an art form used to divine & gain insight into ones future or to gain clarity around a situation. Tarot & Intuitive readings are available by appointment. 

Palm Wax Sourcing Story.

Palm related products (palm sugar, palm oil, palm wax ect…) have been huge news over the past couple of years. Deforestation… killing of Orangutans and other animals etc…  and I...

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Oakmoss Sourcing Story

Oakmoss has been one of those menacing herbs that has been hard to find, taking almost three years to find the right source!   Sourced from the forests of the...

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