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Midwinter Gathering.

Elfhame’s Midwinter Night happens once a year. We open our doors later into the night, have nibbles, mulled wine, and is a great opportunity to mingle with other witches around the longest night of the year.

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Welcome to Elfhame.

Established in 2009, Elfhame is one of Australia's leading Witchcraft Stores. Providing traditional & authentic magickal wares, guidance & education to the pagan community, while maintaining our ethical stance on environmental sustainability.

Our story begins in the forest around dusk. We had gathered for Beltane, not too far from where our store resides now. The smell of wine and cakes mixed with the green of the leaves and the dampness of the ground, our laughter echos through the air. Some time after the ritual, our conversation around witchcraft started to change. It took focus and a dream sparked alive. The idea of creating a business, where the practice of witchcraft and folk magick meet, while promoting our integrity and respect for the environment. All without compromising our standard and quality of products.

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Our Earth, Our Community

Helping to support communities, Elfhame donates 10% of profits from the sale of selected products to their chosen charities to aid in supporting, educating & providing relief for different communities around the world.

Recycling Ocean Plastics

Working with a New Zealand Company to minimise the plastics found in our oceans, Elfhame use 100% recycled ocean plastic zip-lock bags for our online orders. Please act responsibly to keep more plastics entering our oceans, re-use & recycle!

Sustainable Shipping

All orders are packaged using bio-degradable mailing bags, recycled shipping boxes & bio- filler (bio-degradable & water soluble). Best of all our shipping company is 100% carbon neutral!

Spell-work & Consultations.

Spell-work can be performed for almost any situation. Manifesting energies to achieve financial stability, warding & protection, cleansing & banishing & even to remove obstacles from ones path.

Tarot Readings & Palmistry.

Divination is an art form used to divine & gain insight into ones future or to gain clarity around a situation. Tarot, Intuitive readings & Palmistry are available by appointment. 

Workshops & Courses

At Elfhame we strive to inspire & educate our fellow witches, practitioners & those who are curious. With each workshop & course drawing inspiration from our own personal practice and paths to ensure that the information learned has come from many years of dedication & experience.

Visit our Store

Shop 6/ 47-53 Olinda Monbulk Road

Olinda, VIC 3788

Monday - 11am to 5pm

Tuesday - CLOSED

Wednesday - CLOSED

Thursday - 11am to 5pm

Friday 11am to 5pm

Saturday - 10am to 5pm

Sunday - 10am to 5pm



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