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Address: Shop 6, 47/52 Olinda Monbulk Rd, Olinda VIC 3788
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The Plant of Resurrection

Rose of Jericho is used in workings of abundance, to ease negativity and to instill peace and harmony.
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Spirit Fetch

Animal bones have long been used during witchcraft practices to commune with the spirit of animals, acting as guides, teachers, protectors and messengers.
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Witching Herbs

Certified Organic & Ethically Sourced Witching Herbs
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Book of Shadows

Hand-made and bound with Italian leather and natural parchment
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Magickal Pendants

A collection of magickal pendants, forged by a blacksmith
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Witches Rune's

Crafted within a ritual setting by the Witches of Elfhame.
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Product Sourcing Stories At Elfhame we strive to provide an array of magickal curios that a Witch can employ during spell work and ritual, that also benefits the environment. Our Sourcing Stories tell you why our products are so special and why we have chosen to stock the items we have.