Witching Responsibly

~Witching Responsibly~


At Elfhame we believe there is no responsible way to conduct business, then to combined business with environmental sustainability. As fellow witches and pagans we know the importance of practicing witchcraft, while caring for the environment around us.


~Certified Organic, Ethically Sourced & Wild Harvested~

Elfhame stocks a vast collection of herbs and resins that are used in many pagan traditions. We are very proud to say that 95% of these are certified organic, ethically sourced or wild harvested. 

But whats the big deal? Besides the healthy benefits, stocking certified organic herbs and resins allow's Elfhame to support clean farming, farming without the use of poisonous fertilisers or pesticides... leaving behind a leaner and happier planet. While supporting certified growers, we also support and stock ethically sourced herbs and resins. These products prevent and eliminate deforestation having a positive impact for not only the plants and trees, but for our little critter friends.


~Responsible Packaging~

Behind the scenes we are also working to make an environmental difference. from product packaging to postage supplies....   

Here are but a few differences we make:
  •  All postage items are from recycled or bio-degradable sources (packing boxes, tissue paper, postage bags and void filler). 
  • All printing has been printed with soy based ink and where possible printed on recycled paper.
  • Our witching herbs and crafting resins are packed in plastic zip-lock bags to maintain freshness and quality. These zip-lock bags are made from 98% PCR plastic. (Post Consumer Recycled Plastic)
  • All glass jars are made from recycled glass. 


~Our Earth, Our Community~

Elfhame was founded in 2010 with the intent of working toward environmental sustainability. But why only support environmental sustainability when you can also support community? During the research process of each product, we found ourselves sourcing items direct from farmers, growers, artists, and fellow witches. This was so we could ensure what we were wanting to sell was the best it could be. During this process, we have come to work with many inspirational people and organisations. Listed below are some of our amazing sourcing stories that not only provide us with magickal products to sell, but also support these amazing people…