Discovering Elfhame

~Our Mission~

“Our mission at Elfhame is to enrich the lives of our customers in their mundane and magickal lives. To spread the wisdom, knowledge and power of our craft and to create more awareness of the ancient arts in today’s society”


 ~Our Story~ 

First Established in 2010, we have become one of Australia's leading Witchcraft Stores, offering supplies, guidance and aid to the magickal community where possible.

Our story begins in the forest around dusk. We had gathered for Beltane, not too far from where our physical store resides now. The smell of wine and cakes mixed with the green of the leaves and the dampness of the ground, our laughter echos through the air. Some time after the ritual as the ritual fires dwindled, our conversation around witchcraft started to change. It took focus and a dream sparked alive. The idea of creating a business, where the practice of witchcraft and folk magick meet, while promoting our integrity and respect for the environment. All without compromising our standard and quality of products.

 That moment was the turning point when Elfhame was birthed into our world. What started as an herbal apothecary has now grown into a store with many witching wares and supplies, with every stocked item undergoing a period of research and trialling to ensure product quality and sustainability. At this current stage Elfhame’s Apothecary has one of the largest witching herb collections in Australia, with a large majority of these herbs and resins being sourced from Certified Organic, Ethically, or Wild Harvested sources. We are also always researching and searching for new products, artist, and designers to help grow our inventory, and support our community as best we can and empower your magickal art.


Besides stocking certified organic, ethically sourced, wild harvested and chemical free items, we are also working behind the scenes to achieve a happier and healthier planet.

Here are but a few differences we make:
  •  All postage items are from recycled or bio-degradable sources (packing boxes, tissue paper, postage bags and void filler). 
  • All printing has been printed with soy based ink and where possible printed on recycled paper.
  • Our witching herbs and crafting resins are packed in plastic zip-lock bags to maintain freshness and quality. These zip-lock bags are made from 100% ocean plastic (Plastic that has been extracted from our oceans and recycled into usable items).
  • All glass jars are made from recycled glass. 

    For more information about the above points please visit our Witching Responsibly page.

    We are always changing and growing, researching and searching for new products and ways to improve the environment. During the search we are also looking for new artist and designers to help grow our inventory, and to fulfill our customer wants and needs.

    R&B, Elfhame Founders.