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Tarot Readings & Palmistry

 We are currently offering a range of divinatory readings in person & over the phone. You can  book online via the link below.


 Tarot Reading Prices
$60.00 for 30 minutes 
 $95.00 for 60 minutes


 Palm Reading Prices
$30.00 for 15 minutes 
 $60.00 for 30 minutes

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Our Tarot & Palm Readers:


Brandon (Tarot & Palm Reader)

Tarot Reading & Palmistry, Psychic Readings
Brandon is a Wildwood initiate and Reclaiming Witch, living in Victoria and has spent most of their life on Wurundjeri lands.
He is a spirit worker and seer, and is in an active relationship with many beloved beings.
With an interest in herbology, and a passion for creativity, he is often found gardening or perfecting recipes of various kinds in the kitchen.
Most importantly, he is a Pisces and is deeply grateful for his community.



Nicole (Tarot Reader)

Tarot Reading & Psychic Readings

One of the friendly witch faces at Elfhame, Nicole is Tarot Reader and Reiki Master. Nicole has a long held passion for the metaphysical, supernatural and esoteric. Whilst other little girls dreamed of being Barbie, she wanted to be a vampire, or possibly be whisked off to another planet by friendly aliens. Making the most of this life, Nicole has been reading Oracle and Tarot cards for over 25 years, usually over a cuppa and chat with friends. An eclectic witch, she has been ordained as High Priestess, with experience in holding ritual and conducting ceremonies. She is also a Funeral and Authorised Marriage Celebrant, specialising in Alternative and Pagan ceremonies for over 15 years. Mother, Wife, Friend, Confidante, Ally, Artist, Wannabe Rockstar, Tarot and Oracle card addict – these are just a few titles Nicole has gained in this life. Proudly wearing her Matriarch robes, Nicole’s purpose is to uplift and empower others to reach their full potential, with kindness, compassion and a touch of tough love.



Ardwen (Tarot Reader)

Melbourne Tarot Reading and Palm Reading

Ardwen is an initiate in the Wildwood tradition of witchcraft, His reading style has been termed as intimate, nurturing and empowering. He brings with him a powerful entourage of spirits and sensory abilities to interpret messages. He is a seer, tarot card reader and Witch. Born in the wintery land of Aoteroa  in the north island, Ardwen has always held conversation with beings of many forms and is now currently living in Naarm on Wurundjeri land. He is constantly creating art, and engaging in his beloved community. His approach is sincere, hyperaware and engaging. When not reading, often can be found writing poetry, creating tools for his practice, or quietly at the piano humming to the gods.   



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