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Book of Shadows & Grimoires

Every Witch has their own Book of Shadows! Also known as a Grimoire or Witches Journal, these books keep the witches crafting secrets of their spell-work, rituals and ceremonials, devotions to their Gods and of course information about their traditions (among many things).

These books have been hand bound and created by an Italian friend of mine, from a smooth parchment to the quality Italian leather.  

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Elfhame's selection of books relating to all form of Witchcraft, magick, tarot reading, divination and much more.

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Candle magick is one of the oldest forms of magick, known throughout history to be associated with the witch. These ritual candles are all hand dipped in a high-grade paraffin wax, using the same technique as our ancestors did. They’re non-toxic formula creates a slow burning candle that doesn’t let off any smoke.

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Conjure & Ritual Oils

These Ritual Oils have been created by Elfhame with the purpose of enhancing your magickal workings, offering a helping hand and potency to spell work and ritual. Each oil has been brewed within a ritual setting and with the guidance of the ancestors and spirit of place.

Each oil is based in organic olive oil that has been hand pressed by the witches at Elfhame. These oils have been based on historic recipe and personal practice...   

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Divination Tools

Divination tools aid the Witch in their quest to divine the future or take a glimpse into the past. Each tool created aids the Witch by focusing, enhancing and sometimes strengthen their prophetic and psychic abilities.

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Essential Oils

Elfhame is proud to offer a range of house poured essential oils. All of our essential oils have been distilled from quality herbs and resins, sourced from around the world. Used to aid your magickal workings, and to bring a touch of magick to your daily life.

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Fixed Candles

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Incense & Working Powders

Blended with herbs, resins and oils, these powdered incense's are self-igniting!! With the added bonus of colour magick blended into their crafting, these self-igniting incense powders will stir the needed energies to our rituals or spell-workings. 

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Ritual Scents

With a burning time of 40-50 hours, Vegan-friendly & Paraben & Phthalate free, our Ritual Scent Candles have been poured with quality soy wax & natural dye into a recycled glass jar. Each aroma has been ritually blended by Elfhame from quality essential oils with only one synthetic oil being used (Musk). 

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Smudging & Saining Items

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Spell & Ritual Curios

This page is dedicated to all the odd items and ingredients that you find yourself needing when casting spells and performing rituals.  

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Workshops & Courses

At Elfhame we strive to inspire & educate our fellow witches, practitioners & those who are curious. With each workshop & course drawing inspiration from our own personal practice and paths to ensure that the information learned has come from many years of dedication & experience. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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