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Elfhame’s story begins with two individuals fated to be the best of friends, being brought together by nothing simpler than a shampoo. Since their initial meeting over a decade ago, they have manifested their relationship from a friendship to acting more as siblings, working together to enrich their lives both mundane and magically.
It was during the celebrations of Beltane (2010) where their laughter and ramblings of witchcraft and dreams came into focus.  The idea of creating a business relating to the practice of witchcraft and folk magick while promoting their integrity and respect for the environment and maintaining a standard of quality products was born. 
At this current stage Elfhame’s Apothecary has one of the largest witching herb collections in Australia, with a large majority of these herbs and resins being sourced from Certified Organic, Ethically, or Wild Harvested sources. Before stocking a product, the team behind the scenes at the Apothecary carefully select, trial, and test each item to ensure its quality and that its origins/production run with our environmental and personal ethics/standards.
We are always researching and searching for new products, artist, and designers to help grow our inventory, and to fulfil our customer wants and needs.
R&B, Elfhame Founders. 

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