Sandalwood, Australian

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Common name: Australian Sandalwood

Botanical name: Santalum spicatum

Cultivation: Certified Organic

Origin: Australia

Size: 10 grams


One of the most loved and used scents in the world! Sandalwood has several plant species that this fragrant wood is harvested from, most coming from India. Because Sandalwood is in such high demand deforestation has been a result of harvesting some species of Sandalwood, like West Indian Sandalwood.

Australian Sandalwood on the other hand is grown and harvested here in Australia. We source our sandalwood from an aboriginal community, providing financial support for their local community funding such things as schooling.

A perfect base for all incense, the smoke will purify an area or person. Releasing magickal vibrations setting the scene for ritual work, sell work and other witchcraft related acts.


Read more about our Australian Sandalwood sourcing story here…

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