Angelica Root

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Common name: Angelica Root

Botanical name: Angelica archangelica

Grade: Food/Tea grade and Irradiation free! (Irradiation is a treatment process where radiation is used).

Packaging: 100% PCR plastic zip-lock bag (Find out more about our packaging)

Cultivation: Certified Organic

Origin: Australia

Size: 10 grams


A root that has been praised in folklore, Angelica Root was used to protect against illness and disease, and was used to aid in purifying the blood. With a bitter taste, Angelica is a fantastic herb to use strengthen the immune system during the colder months of the year.

Angelica has its associations with Angles and divinity due to its blooming around the same time as Archangel Michael’s Day. Angelica is often used to keep evil spirits away and to protect against malevolent spells, curses and enchantments.

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