Common name: Bladderwrack

Botanical name: Fucus vesiculosus

Grade: Food/Tea grade and Irradiation free! (Irradiation is a treatment process where radiation is used).

Packaging: 100% PCR plastic zip-lock bag (Find out more about our packaging)

Cultivation: Certified Organic

Origin: Canada

Size: 10 grams


As Bladderwrack is a form of Kelp (seaweed) it is an extremely helpful herb to add to your collection. It will aid all workings of the sea and let’s not forget its power over the wind! With its connection to the sea, it is employed to raise sea energy or sea spirits. When venturing out in the water (whether it be sea or fresh water) make sure you carry some Bladderwrack as it will protect you and ensure a safe journey. Its connections with water intern has connection to our mother moon and psychic development.

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