Calamus Root

Common name: Calamus Root or Sweet Flag

Botanical name: Acorus calamus

Grade: Food/Tea grade and Irradiation free! (Irradiation is a treatment process where radiation is used).

Packaging: 100% PCR plastic zip-lock bag (Find out more about our packaging)

Cultivation: Certified Organic

Origin: India

Size: 10 grams


Calamus, also known as Sweet Flag is one of the ingredients of the ritual incense Ketoret, mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. Ketoret has long been incorporated into ritual and ceremonial magick, used to connect with your guardian angle. The plant itself has connections to the moon due to its ability to grow in watery places.

Calamus Root contains Asarone which has been used in many cultures as a sedative. Making it  great beginners herb to use if you are wanting to use flying ointments.

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