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Common Name: Agrimony

Botanical name: Agrimonia eupatoria

Grade: Food/Tea grade and Irradiation free! (Irradiation is a treatment process where radiation is used).

Packaging: 100% PCR plastic zip-lock bag (Find out more about our packaging)

Cultivation: Certified Organic

Origin: Germany

Size: 10 grams


This useful herb will make your dreams soar! Used alone or added to a dream pillow alone with Mugwort, Agrimony will help aid you with any dream magic you desire. Agrimony is also useful when you or a loved one needs protection from malevolent/troublesome spirit energy. When breaking a hex or curse, Agrimony is most useful s it not only reverses the effects of the hex or curse but it also sends it back to its creator.

 Due to Agrimony’s healing properties other folklore uses have also included healing, especially healing relating to wounds.


Tip: When breaking a hex or curse combine Agrimony with Blessed Thistle to double its effectiveness. (see Blessed Thistle for correspondence)

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